Surviving Humility


On Survivor tonight was the aftermath from last week’s blindside of “Coach,” when his staunchest ally was voted off. I had been wondering all week what his reaction would be. It was a surprisingly humble Coach that arrived back at camp. He didn’t gloat, or boast, or moan and whine. He actually admitted that he was not in control. C’est incroyable! The humility looked good on him; it was the first time this season that I actually started to like the guy.

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The Last Shall Be First… And pay $103 to win!

triumphWe were at church until 3:45 pm today. As we were getting ready to leave, I checked my phone and saw that I had received a text message from Judy. “The dream can be anyone’s,” it said.

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Pick 5 out of 7

So here’s my thing… for the Road to the Roses game, seven horses in my virtual stable will be coming out of the gate on Derby Day. But I can only make five horses “active.” So which two horses do I leave out? This is important… it’s my last chance to blow Ironhorse Stables out of the water in this game!

Chocolate Candy

These are my horses:

  • Chocolate Candy
  • Desert Party
  • Dunkirk
  • Friesan Fire
  • I Want Revenge
  • Pioneerof the Nile
  • West Side Bernie

Who would you pick?

Post Positions


Those are the words emblazoned across the Post Draw page on the Derby website. By the time I had my coffee this morning and thought to direct my browser to said page, the post positions had already been picked. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see the little silks icons slide into place!

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Win Willy Won’t

Willy Wont

Willy Won't

Another horse drops out of Derby contention. Win Willy had a suspicious x-ray on Tuesday, revealing a “line” in his near fore ankle. That’s too bad; he is an intriguing horse, having won the Rebel Stakes as a 57-1 longshot.

This reduces the number of starting grays to three.

Willy will be replaced in the gate by Nowhere to Hide, a colt who has won once out of eight starts, and seems to like fourth place: he was fourth to Friesan Fire in the Risen Star, fourth to Musket Man in the Tampa Bay Derby, and fourth to that horse again in the Illinois Derby.

But you can’t bet on fourth place.

It’s the Derby, Baby!


The changes in the Derby lineup have been coming fast this morning. Square Eddie is out, Quality Road is out… That meant that my horse, Take the Points, would be in, but…. Take the Points is out! It seems like trainers these days are being careful with their top tier horses; instead of throwing them in the Derby, no matter what, they’re pulling them out if the horse is not 110%. Which is a good thing. I suppose the demise of Eight Belles last year is weighing on everyone, a little bit.

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Kentucky Derby Beauty Contest

I’m instituting my very own Derby Beauty Contest this year. I have picked the finalists… you can vote on the winner.

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My Cat is a Hobbit

I had just fed Mauser and Mini Mau their lunch, when Tim came into the kitchen and implied that he had already fed them lunch. “You mean I gave them a second lunch?!” These cats (meaning Mauser) are going to eat us out of house and home. They eat like a horse… and we should know.

“He’s a Hobbit,” Tim said, walking out of the room.

“What do you mean, a Hobbit?” I demanded.

“Hobbits always have two lunches. They eat all the time.”

I had no idea my husband was so well-versed in Hobbit behaviour.

Mrs. Taravella Eyes

Swooshy Eyeshadow

Got home from church today and looked in the mirror: “Ack! Why didn’t anybody tell me I had Mrs. Taravella eyes!!”

I had to explain to Tim that Mrs. Taravella, my high school history teacher, was known for her “swoopy” eye shadow.

“You know how wives are!”

Midnight on a Friday night, and we’re flipping channels before hitting the sack. Wait, look there… it’s Huell Howser! He’s at a watch convention in 2007. One of the vendors, a little old lady, is showing Huell a clock and says, “You can buy one of these for your wife!”

We fell out of our chairs laughing.

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6 Word Autobiography

In the e-mail from DailyLit came a challenge: “Tell the story of your life in just 6 words.”

The complete rules read: “That’s right, just six little words–no more, no less. And no fair making up words-that-don’t-exist-normally-as-hyphenated-words so as not to exceed the limit!”

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Dinner with a Legend

Teen-aged jockey Cheryl White

Teen-aged jockey Cheryl White

We were invited to celebrate Judy’s birthday a couple weeks ago. We met up with everyone at the Orchid Garden, Judy’s favorite Thai restaurant. We settled in with some Thai iced coffee and mee krob, and started catching up. After a little bit we were joined by a little woman… none other than former jockey Cheryl White.

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