Raving about Rachel

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here,about racing or any other topic. But with the recent rash of Rachel worship, I feel moved to say one thing (not that it will do any good):

Bring the filly to the Breeder’s Cup!

Are they serious? Jess Jackson is afraid to run her on synthetic dirt? I’d be interested to know if Mr. Jackson has ever run any of his other horses on synthetics. I don’t know, Mr. J… it seems like the number of breakdowns is decreasing for tracks with plastic surfaces. And you know Santa Anita has both bent over backward and paid dearly to get a synthetic racing surface that works. But I suppose it might take a few more years before anyone can draw any definite conclusions on this subject.

In the meantime… we aint got no Rachel in the Breeder’s Cup this Fall!  Heck, we aint got no Rachel in California, at all! So we’re going to have to go out of state to see one of the greatest horses of all time?

I’ve started planning our vacation to Kentucky next summer, primarily to visit Smarty Jones, Big Brown, and the like. But if, as Mr. J. has promised, Rachel will still be racing next year, then we wont get to see her on our trip. Rats! (Start planning a further-in-the-future Kentucky vacation…)

Back in May, we all read about Rachel posing for Vogue. Well, the issue is out now! I love the headlines around the internet: Vogue’s Latest Supermodel? A Horse (For Real!), Yes, That Is A Horse In Vogue, and Rachel Alexandra in Vogue, Really. It’s as if nobody can believe it. What’s all the fuss? Horses have been the centerfolds in my magazines for years! The Thoroughbred Record, The Blood Horse, The California Thoroughbred

Evidently Rachel did not get the cover, but she does get a full-page photo. This is the only mention (and photo) of it I’ve found online.

Rachel's Vogue spread

I love this quote about Rachel from the article: “When Mike Smith, the jockey on Mine That Bird, rode up after the [Preakness] to congratulate [Calvin] Borel, the highly competitive filly instinctively took off again.”

Ha! That reminds me of the early days with Pickle. Whenever someone would ride up alongside in the arena, he’d take off like a… well, like a racehorse!

Rachel Alexandra Workout


One response to “Raving about Rachel

  1. Mr J s other horse Curlin ( Champion horse of the year) ran terrible on the plastic.

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