Palominos in the Jockey Club!

Golden Girl

Keeneland's Golden Girl


I’ve heard of white Thoroughbreds, and I’ve heard of black Thoroughbreds. But I’ve never heard of a Palomino Thoroughbred!

Evidently they exist, although they seem rather new to the breed. For the first time ever, a Palomino will be included in a Keeneland auction, at their “horses of all ages” sale on January 17. She’s a two-year old filly, named Splash of Vanilla.

Keeneland’s Director of Sales, Geoffrey Russell, said, “I was surprised. I didn’t know that The Jockey Club registered Thoroughbreds as palominos.”

The problem is not only that Palominos an oddity on the track… in practical terms, they haven’t won much, if anything. And with bloodstock sales spiraling downward in today’s yucky global economy, I think Vanilla’s owner would be better off keeping her. She might make a great riding horse.

White Prince

The White Prince

Update 1:

I may end up with hay on my face. A yearling son of the white race mare Patchen Beauty (linked-to above) sold for $60,000 today at Keeneland, bringing the highest price of the day. The seller was “very happy with the price” that White Prince brought, considering the current market.

Despite the black outlook for bloodstock sales, Keeneland is having a colorful January.

Update 2:

The White Prince goes back in the barn.

The White Prince goes back in the barn.

Whoop! Never mind! Due to technical difficulties (the prospective buyer did not have established credit) the sale of White Prince was nullified.


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