Beach Blondie

Here’s a snapshot from yesterday. This is Blondeontherun, whom we call Blondie for short. 

Notice how the sun catches her beach blonde mane. She really is a chestnut, though she looks like a sorrel in this photo.



Blondie is the niece of Pickled Power. She is also the niece of Buster B Quick… and she is his sister!!! Wrap your brain around that one.

Pickle, Buster, and Blondie’s mom, Full of Vinegar, are all half-siblings. They are all out of the venerable mare Vinegar Lil, who came to California from Australia so many years ago. Buster’s sire is Zanferrier. When Full of Vinegar was bred to her half-brother’s sire, that made Buster both brother and uncle to Blondie!

Here, take a look at the pedigrees:


2 responses to “Beach Blondie

  1. It’s almost like your horse is racing 😉

  2. Yes, we were very proud! 😀

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